The untimely death of the legend of the circus world, animal lover, showman, but above all a charismatic man with a big heart and at the same time a loving husband, father and grandfather in one person, the principal JaromÌr Joo, shook me strongly. He was only 65 years old when he lost a heavy fight to the covid-19 less than two months ago. Few people in the world have been able to build such a warm and intimate relationship with beasts as he has. For decades, he entered a cage with five tigers several times a week - each with the feeling that this time he would not have to return alive and well from it - to eventually succumb to the fight, not with an insidious beast, but with a virus. For the long eight years I had the honor of photographing the principal and his amazing Circus Jo-Joo, I spent unforgettable moments with the principal, his family and dozens of other employees - from artists to cook to circus servants, life very fond of remembering. Although the circus environment is far away from the places where I commonly occur, I felt extremely comfortable between them. Just like browsing my archive with the photos I've taken in those long years at Circus Jo-Joo.
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